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French Language Training Center in Delhi NCR - School of International Languages

School of International Languages is one of the most reputed and leading French Language Training Center in Delhi NCR, India. It was founded in 1982 and since then it has grown its presence in the country for being consistently dedicated in providing the best language program all around. The school only promotes language courses of high quality. Thousands of students have become proficient in speaking, writing and reading these foreign languages after taking courses designed by us. The school teaches grammar in a simple formula-based algorithmic approach and provides excellent facilities that aid in accurate and quick learning.

Why Us


We believe that you will be motivated to learn when learning things that personally interest you. The structure of a set curriculum combined with the flexibility to accommodate your own interests gives your language learning the freedom to flourish, bring your passion and personal interest into the classroom.

Experienced Teachers & Supportive Staff

Teachers at SIL are qualified with a university degree or a recognized teaching certificate and relevant teaching experience. All our instructors are vell versed in English, French and Hindi lanuguages, and are carefully selected for their ability to motivate and inspire. SIL’s staff will welcome and support you with whatever personal or academic challenges you face and will set you up for success!

Fun Activities

An SIL education is designed to maximize your language improvement and the SIL Activities Program complements this perfectly. Our activities are available throughout the week and weekend, so there is never a dull moment in or out of the classroom.